Starving Artist Saturday – Chocolate Peanut Butter Adoration

This week’s recipe comes from Chocolate Covered Katie – her Two-Bite Brownies…I personally tried them this week, and YUM!!!!  I link to her recipe, because a.) it’s hers; and b.) I want all of you to check out her blog and try some of her recipes.  Healthy (or semi-healthy!) vegan recipes that do not taste healthy or [what some people's perception is of] vegan.

A few notes on what I did:

  • For my sweetener, I used 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar – it gave it a richer taste than regular white sugar would have.
  • My non-dairy milk of choice is almond milk.
  • I used my mini-muffin tin – it made 15 of them.
  • I had no silken tofu on hand. I used an egg, which, of course, made the dish NOT vegan.  If you are vegan but not a fan of tofu, 1/2 cup of pureed black beans would work, too [Mini-recipe...two for the price of one :): If you buy a box of brownie mix, puree a can of black beans in the blender and mix it all together (omit the eggs and oil and anything else it calls for), baking it according to the directions on the box, you have super yummy, fudgy brownies that are very low in fat and calories!]

The topping:

  • This is where the peanut butter comes in!!!
  • I took the back of a wooden spoon and poked holes in the completely cooled brownie bites, about halfway down.
  • I took some peanut butter [about 1/3 to 1/2 a cup], a splash of almond milk, and a squirt of maple syrup, and whisked it together until it was smooth.
  • I put the mixture into a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in it.
  • I then filled the holes with the peanut butter mixture until there was a good amount on top of the bites.

Optional: sprinkle the top with some chocolate chips or mini M&Ms.  Again…YUM!!!!!!!

I am not vegan, but I do tend to lean towards vegetarian in my likes and dislikes.  If you had to label me, I’d call myself a “flexitarian,” I guess.  I do eat the occasional meal with meat in it, but I tend to feel better physically when I don’t eat meat, so I try to do that most of the time.

Which is why websites like Katie’s totally appeal to me.  Lots of great ideas, and ways to make veggies that I have never thought of.

Your turn: Share some healthy or semi-healthy recipes that you have tried that don’t taste “healthy.”

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